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Cremita Coliflor

Savor our Cauliflower and Chickpea Cream, topped with roasted walnuts and a crispy Serrano Ham Croquette. A fusion of creamy, nutty, and savory flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.


Carpaccio Criollo

Slices of tomatoes marinated in balsamic, served with papaya sweetened with cilantro and quinoa crisps for a unique culinary experience.


Furtivo Yin Yan Dumpling

Chicken dumplings filled with lemongrass, served with Asian sauce, pickled onion, and fresh pumpkin puree.


Margarita Arancinis

Risotto croquettes with Manchego cheese and truffles, served with tomato and basil jam with a spicy twist.


Fresh Slider

Angus beef marinated to perfection with fresh ingredients, such as bacon and apple jam, and basil-marinated cucumber. Accompanied by Manchego cheese.



Dumpling dough crisps accompanied by homemade ropa vieja, pineapple jam, and fresh avocado puree.


Taku Roll

Egg roll filled with taku taku, fermented black bean aioli, and a fresh pickle.


Del Huerto

Pumpkin steak marinated with our special secret sauce, accompanied by hummus, fresh arugula, and toasted nuts.


Bao Bao

Deep-fried bao bun filled with fresh tuna with a hint of cucumber. Served with avocado yogurt and spicy mayo.


Alcapurrias Furtivas

Open alcapurrias with creamy avocado puree, beef fricassee, and truffle mayo ketchup. A feast of unique flavors that will captivate you with every bite.


Croquetas San Sebastian

These croquettes, filled with smoked ham, are served with a roasted red pepper aioli that enhances their unique flavor.


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