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Manzana Tostada

French toast with caramelized apple and goat cheese.

12,00 US$

Baba Ganoush

Eggplant puree with chimichurri.

8,00 US$


Gambas marinadas en pimentón con fabada.

15,00 US$

Elote Salado

Roasted corn with manchego cheese, paprika, and cilantro, accompanied by caviar aioli and pork powder.

7,00 US$

Hisoka Na Salad

Salad with mango, cilantro, crab, seaweed, smoked salmon, tomato, chayote, and kimchi vinaigrette.

16,00 US$

Grill Cheese

Sliders filled with gouda, manchego, and parmesan cheese with bacon jam.

12,00 US$

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