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Furtivo's Cocktails

El Misterio de Guerrero

El Misterio de Guerrero is a tantalizing blend of flavors that will captivate your senses. This exquisite cocktail combines the smoky allure of mezcal with herbal notes. Fresh lime adds a citrusy twist, while a bitter liqueur brings balance. A touch of acerola lends subtle sweetness, enhancing the complexity of the mix. Garnished with a sprig of mint, each sip unveils a mysterious and alluring experience.

15,00 US$

Rye or Die

A bold and robust cocktail that combines Rye Whiskey with a careful selection of spices. Bitters contribute complexity and balance, while oak smoke adds a subtle smoky note. A touch of orange enhances the citrusy notes and adds a refreshing twist.

14,00 US$


A sneak peek into the New York Sour style, inspired by the lush island of Tenerife, this cocktail presents a perfect balance between rums: Aged Rum and Coconut Rum. Pineapple adds a tropical touch, while orgeat brings in an almond note. You'll experience tropical fruit notes with a hint of spices.

14,00 US$

Revelación de Sofía

A revelation of flavors in every sip. This cocktail combines Gin with the smoothness of hibiscus flower infusion. Orange bitters add a touch of bitterness that balances perfectly with the effervescence of Brut Nature Cava.

Floral, citrusy, and bubbly notes.

14,00 US$

Furtivo Expresso

A luxurious blend of Woodford Reserve Bourbon, coffee-infused Mutiny Vodka, rich coffee liqueur, and pumpkin syrup. This cocktail delivers a smooth bourbon warmth, balanced by a bold coffee kick and a hint of earthy sweetness from the pumpkin. A tantalizing sip that's both bold and indulgent. Cheers!

16,00 US$

Prohibition's Cocktails


Named by Hugo Ensslin in 1916, the Aviation is a gin cocktail with floral and citrusy notes. It combines gin, lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, and crème de violette, creating a brilliant and fruity balance—a cocktail to dream about.

14,00 US$


A classic cocktail with history, the 'Last Word' combines gin, Green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime juice. It's a bold and balanced blend with herbal notes, a hint of cherry, and a slight acidity.

14,00 US$

Rusty Nail

A timeless blend of premium Scotch whisky and the herbal sweetness of Drambuie, served over a single, hand-cut ice cube. Rich, smoky notes intertwine with sweet nuances for an unforgettable sip.

14,00 US$

Bee's Knees

Created at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in the 1920s, the Bee's Knees is a Gin Sour enriched with honey. The honey smooths out the gin's flavor and is balanced with freshly squeezed lemon juice, creating a refreshing and aromatic cocktail.

14,00 US$

Hisoka Na Collection

Hisoka Na Cocktail Tea Infusion for Two

Embark on a journey of taste with our masterpiece, Hisoka Na Collection Tea Infusion, carefully crafted by our cocktail team at Furtivo. This enchanting blend, portioned for two, introduces you to a symphony of flavors where premium spirits have been meticulously infused with hand-selected teas. Delight in the delicate fusion as the essence of tea intertwines with spirits, creating a harmonious balance of earthy depths and floral highs. Surrender to the artistry of our mixologists and elevate your experience to extraordinary heights at Furtivo.

22,00 US$

Gin Gurú

Hibiscus & Rhubarb Gin Tonic

Dive into a tapestry of flavors with our Hibiscus & Rhubarb Gin Tonic. Delicately infused with the essence of hibiscus and the tartness of rhubarb, this concoction dances on the palate. A touch of spicy cranberries adds depth, leaving a lingering warmth with each sip.

15,00 US$

Lavender & Juniper Gin Tonic

Surrender to serenity with our Lavender & Juniper Gin Tonic. Lavender's soothing aroma intertwines with classic juniper essence, creating a floral bouquet with a hint of fruity sweetness from plum. Tranquility awaits in every sip.

15,00 US$

Strawberry & Eucalyptus Gin Tonic

Awaken your senses with our Strawberry & Eucalyptus Gin Tonic. Vibrant strawberries burst forth, invigorated by the cool essence of eucalyptus. Refreshing zing and bright, fruity notes with minty undertones tantalize the palate.

15,00 US$

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